Guidelines For Sending Press Releases

About V-Style

As a successful personal stylist, Vanessa Valiente created V-Style to deliver supplemental consulting to her clients and provide the average style conscious woman with realistic style advice and relevant fashion updates from an authentic expert.

Vanessa was born and raised in San Jose, before moving to Southern California to get her Costume Design degree. In 2005, Vanessa went to work as a wardrobe stylist for television dramas such as Fashion House, American Heiress and The Ex List with the likes of Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, Tipi Hedren, Robert Buckley, Mini Anden, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and 90210's Annalynne McCord.

Besides fashion consulting and costuming for television, Vanessa styles film, print, music videos and commercials.

Vanessa has been a fashion expert on NBC, Wealth TV, Fox 5, San Diego Living and The E! Channel.

E-mailed press releases should include a direct link to where the product or line is sold, images within the e-mail, and price points. Anything that needs to be downloaded most likely will not be opened.

Companies and PR firms should not send press releases involving any of the topics listed below:

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Advertising With V-Style

Listed below are the various ways to advertise. Understand advertisers that do not fit the character of V-Style, will not be accepted. For rates or questions, e-mail


  1. Bullet 150 x 150 pixels Advert

  1. Bullet 160 x 600 pixels Vertical Banner

  1. Bullet Link Within A Post

  2. 1)Your link will be placed in a new post.

  3. 2) You can pick an existing post to insert your desired link.

When purchasing a link within a post please understand...

  1. Your link will include <a rel="nofollow" href= </a> in order to abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines.

  2. You are not dictating the content or the focus of the post, when requesting  a link within a new post, but of course, it will be relevant to your website or product.

  3. All content is tailored to benefit the V-Style reader.

  4. We do not accept guest writers or guest content.

  5. You are not guaranteed an image from the website in which the anchor text links to; although, it is a very strong possibility.

  6. You are allowed to see a draft of the new post before payment. This is to ensure trust. This does not mean you can make any changes to the post, unless you see a typo.  Payment must be made before the post goes live.

* By following these guidelines, V-Style stays authentic and trustworthy, which keeps readers attentive to the links, recommendations and advertising.



V-Style is happy to host giveaways of relevant products. Please note that Vanessa chooses the winner, and links to your product will include <a rel="nofollow" href= </a> in order to abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Getting Your Product Reviewed on V-Style

All products sent to be reviewed on V-Style are tested and used by Vanessa Valiente or by a client of Vanessa Valiente. Only appropriate products that are anticipated to have a positive response are accepted. Please do not send a product without confirming it is relevant to V-Style. Negative or mostly negative reviews disrupt the tone of V-Style, therefore, upon closer inspection, if a product is unimpressive or boring, a review will not be written. To see examples of product reviews, Click Here.

Please note, all links back to the product being reviewed will include <a rel="nofollow" href= </a> in order to abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines.

  1. Bullet Fashion for animals

  2. Bullet Perfume

  3. Bullet Sales

  4. Bullet Contests not hosted by V-Style

  5. Bullet Beauty products that can not be sampled.

Thank you for your interest in V-Style. Please send any questions and inquires to:

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Requested Sample Sizes


    Clothing USA: 6

    Clothing UK: 8

    Clothing France: 36

    Clothing Germany: 40

    Clothing Italy: 10

    Lingerie: 36 C

    Rings: 8

    Shoes: 8